a bold fresh start!

After last week I was in need of the relaxing qualities of blue but today I am need of the bright and energizing quality of the color to start the new year...

(via diane bergeron, lonny, arent and pyke and veranda)


Anonymous said…
All stunning options!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beautiful images :)

Wish out lounge room was as easy to work with :(

Olivia Crawford said…
Beautiful pics! The moroccan rug used in the first image caught my eye! Considering decorating my soon in a similar pattern!
Jasmin said…
Gorgeous pics, love the kitchen and the bedroom just perfection!
Love the color combo in the first image.
lizziedee said…
Such a refreshing kitchen! And I absolutely love the dark walls with light upholstery and curtains!
I used your blue kitchen in my similar themed post today: Decorating with your favourite sports team's colours (Mine is the Toronto Maple Leafs so Blue and White). Great images!
The Egg said…
that kitchen is perfect!
I adore the wall color in the first photo!! It still feels so bright and cheerful in that room.
Anonymous said…
Happy New Year!!! Beautiful pics as always.
Unknown said…
Great pics! Love the blue cabinets in the second to last photos!
Gorgeous! My favorite is the first pic - the bold navy and white is so charming.
Patty Oblack said…
Love the blue cabinets in this kitchen, great post!
Patricia Oblack
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love love love the first image. Such perfection!!
Sarah Engel said…
Love that print in the last image - dying to find something like that for the home!
Michaela said…
Ah, I adore this color scheme and especially love that patterned rug! Amazing.
The second photo’s living room design is fabulous! The blues perfectly complement all other hues in the room. That lampshade gets a hundred thumbs up! Its metallic finish adds to the room’s “sharp” and “smart” appeal. The Moroccan rug on the first photo is also a statement. In any way, blue is just the right shade for whites and almost any other color. Thank you for an awesome post!
Jane said…
How mind blowing decoration . Love these and everyone will like these .
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What a lovely decorated house! Really pretty
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