silver paper + mirrors on chains

I was just flipping through Mary Macdonald's book Interiors: The Allure of Style and these two glamorous rooms caught my eye. When I looked closer I realized the two key elements these rooms had in common. They both featured stunning mirrors hung on chains and silver paper (on the ceiling in one and all over in the other). Not to mention stunning crystal chandeliers. This could be my new "go-to" combination for over the top glamorous spaces.


Jackie said…
That's one of my favorite interior design books! Love Mary McDonald and those are two gorgeous spaces.
Gwen Driscoll said…
Mirrors on chains or rope is an amazing design element! Love both of these images. Thanks for sharing with us.

Wishing you a very Happy 2012!
Anonymous said…
What a stunning look- the second room is so mysterious and ethereal...

XX Kathryn
Ambyr said…
That first bathroom is so pretty. I love all the mirrors and silver tones.

Callie Grayson said…
I pretty much love everything she does!

Ps hope you are having a wonderful holiday even though we have no snow yet, so strange that it hasn't snowed. And it's. Not cold yet!
samantha ramage said…
i just want those dresses!

Dominik said…
I'll have to show your site to my sister. She'll love it!!

Thx a lot

Alannah Brient said…
Impressive looking these guys .

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