in the kitchen {a dash of pine}

I spend so much more time in the kitchen during the holidays than any other time of the year -- whether baking cookies, entertaining or sharing holiday cocktails with friends. It only makes sense that it is room that is decked in holiday decor. I adore the hints of pine added to these already stunning kitchens. It is festive while still allowing the kitchen to remain a functioning space through the holidays.

(via atlanta homes and lifestyles)
Oh and Santa, could you please bring me starburst mirrors to hang in my kitchen windows?


Callie Grayson said…
I love that first image with the starburst mirrors and the evergreen swags!!
Now, if it would just snow already!

Wow the starburst mirrors too! That first kitchen is just stunning! And so true about spending so much time in the kitchen so why not deck it out too?

Holly B said…
love this festive decor! I second Carly's comment about decorating the kitchen-I love baking and ESPECIALLY around this time of year, so bringing the spirit to my favorite room in the house is a fabulous idea!!

I love that first kitchen, the starburst mirrors look fantastic - and in a kitchen? Amazing! xx
Christine said…
Love the mirrors, love the holiday decor. It would be a fantastic place to spend some time!


This is one of the most beautiful Christmas decors I have ever seen - wow!
Unknown said…
OMG that first photo is fantastic! The sunbursts in the window are sublime!
I agree. All corners of the house should also be decorated with Christmas decors. Not just only the living room and the dining room.
I love the idea of having those mirrors in the window!! Yes please Santa!
Unknown said…
Love the kitchen in the first photo!
Erica M. said…
The sunburst mirrors on the windows are great!
MrJeffery said…
this is so different! so radiant.
Ambyr said…
I love the industrial feel to these kitchens. Mirrors are a cool, unique touch to a kitchen.

Anonymous said…
sooo nice!
I love using live plants for the holidays! They smell great and look great!
The starburst in the window idea could start a major trend.
Gayle D. Oneal said…
Spanking decoration . Love this .
This is fantastic! Very inspirational. thanks for sharing
it looks absolutely beautiful! thanks
Robert smith said…
It's really an awesome design. Thanks a lot for sharing with us.

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