dining by starlight

Ok, it may be too cold to actually eat outside but this holiday season why not hang stars (whether rustic, casual or contemporary) over your dining room table to bring a little bit of the outdoors in.

(via nest, house beautiful uk and house and garden)


Kathysue said...

I am fascinated with the Monrovian stars this year. I am planning on using some next year in my decor for Christmas.There is something about a star hanging with twinkling lights, I love it!!
Merry Christmas,

supplements that lower cholesterol said...

Christmas is days away! Loving all these wonderful decor. It entirely liven up the room.

Jackie {York Avenue} said...

I like it! Looks unique and lovely.

Elise said...

love, love, love this!

Cheers, Elise

Olga said...

All these finds are great, but those stars are seriously amazing :).

Elizabeth Eiffel said...

Beautiful...can never get enough Christmas inspiration.

Jennelise said...

Beautiful!- And what a fabulous idea!

Couture Carrie said...

Lovely decorating ideas, darling!
Hope all is well in Chicago and that you are enjoying your new home :)


Dining Furniture said...

These roomsets are fabulous, Ive seen those stars plenty of times, but never seen them look like that! What a lovely blog.

Anne said...

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