There are many essentials to a successful holiday celebration. I would be lying if I said that a well stocked bar wasn't one of them. Second to a well stocked one would be a beautiful one. I love the this unassuming but fabulous bar... well as the unique placement and sheer weight of this one...

(images scanned from Details by Lili Dialo and Chicago Spaces)


Jackie said…
I love that first illustration! Beautiful. And the bar in the second pic is very cool, seems substantial and I like the gallery wall with it.
Anonymous said…
I love the first illustration as well! I have been going wild for bar carts recently (perhaps due to madmen?)... just haven't found the right one yet :)

XX Kathryn
Cheers to you too! I agree! I do love both. I see light and heavy or feminine and masculine!
Gwen Driscoll said…
Love these images! Beautiful.
Jennifer S. said…
That couch is fantastic!!!

Couture Carrie said…
Cheers, darling ~ gorgeous bars!

Merry Christmas :)

50cc mopeds said…
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mikky said…
I love, love, love the colour combo of the first room. Loved it so much I pinned it to my pinterest board. On second look I like the second photo too, wouldn`t want to live there, but I would like to go to a halloween party there, I bottle of the crystal skull vodka by dan akroyd would look perfect on that bar.

Brianna Therry said…
Oh my god , how beautiful interior decoration .
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