all that glitters...

...may not always be gold but if you are lucky it may be pyrite, well fool's gold. I just adore this in between metallic. It is sophisticated and elegant but has a modern edge that gold just can't touch.

(marchesa dress, kelly wreastler pyrite cuff, lanvin jeweled flats, pyrite heart from jayson home and garden and morrocan tray from calypso celle)
Also, I have a very hard question for you--what is the best gift you have ever received? I am very curious to know! If you are wondering what my answer would be then just pop on over here and read my response in the latest issue of matchbook magazine!


windyar said…
Tickets for going back home. It sounds cheezy but it's true:)Happy Holidays!
Anonymous said…
Wow! I wish I could dash through the snow in any one of these! Fabulous!
Holly B said…
I love this!! The more glitter/glimmer/shimmer and shine the better!! Such a blast incorporating this into holiday fashion!
Anastasia said…
A Macbook computer for Christmas - five years ago from my then boyfriend (now husband). I needed a laptop for uni and he surprised me with one very pretty laptop.

Great glittery pieces above. One glittery item I have been ogling over is this 'Vince sequin dress'

And love your answer by the way, what great way to instil an appreciation for antique treasures like that.
x anastasia at decor is like butter
Unknown said…
That dress is fabulous!
Peak Rainey said…
i freaking LOVE that cuff.. i should have known it was from kelly wearstler's collection.. so fab. my favorite gift... that is very hard. but it is probably my metallic silver mahina LV bag. i was VERY spoiled one year, and it was pretty fantastic. happy holidays! :)
Callie Grayson said…
love all that sparkle!
Very cool. Bring on the Pyrite!
Love every SINGLE selection. This should just be my Christmas wish list. The best Christmas present I ever received was a Chanel suit from my husband...we were living in Paris for his work and he took our 13 year old daughter, 8 year old son and our Boston Terrier to the shop on Rue Cambon and they picked out a beautiful dark grey trimmed in black leather suit...still stylish almost 10 years later.
Erin said…
Weldone , great post you have done here .
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