current cravings {cranberry + gold}

I just finished writing out a very extensive shopping list for Thanksgiving dinner and I now have a sudden urge for bold rich cranberry hues. As with all reds, a little bit goes a long way and it begs to be paired with a neutral, such as matte gold!

(anya hindmach clutch, jayson home and garden wishbone, dvf dress, marc blackwell tumbler and madeline weinrib pillow)


Couture Carrie said…
Exquisite post, darling!
Love that clutch!

žužu said…
That dress is lovely. Love the color.
Great little color story, love the dress!
The glittering clutch reminds me of Dorothy's shoes :) Love the rich selection.
The Egg said…
that pillow is gorg. miss you in jhole! hope you are enjoying chicago~

xoxothe egg out west.
KL said…
Perfect Christmas dressing!
x KL
This red is so versatile and looks good with any skin tone. Love your choice of items
Katie*Belle said…
I love this combination. It's so rich and luxe!
i have been noticing so many beautiful products and pieces of clothing in this color! and of course, gold is always a great accent to anything :)
loving this combo! I posted about red color too! have a lovely week, darling! xo
great color combo.. it can last all the way through christmas!
Always classic, always fabulous! One of my favorite color combinations.
Unknown said…
Wow! Great pics! Love the pillow!
Bobby said…
Lovely dress, and the clutch!
Cranberry is such a delicious and festive colour. I fell in love with that pillow when I saw it (or something similar) in the latest A.D.
Anonymous said…
Love this post! We think your readers would love to hear about Chic Little Devil's HUGE sample sale!
Williams said…
Red color is also my favorite .

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