christmas {palette} drama

This evening the last of the turkey is being consumed, in the form of what I am sure will be a delicious turkey stock based soup! Which means it is officially time for the Christmas season to begin. I have tons of event, shopping and decor inspiration in store for the next few weeks. However, I wanted to start off simple with the sophisticated and moody palette of these two interiors. I love the drama created by pairing holiday greenery with cool wood and slate tones.

And how creative is that lucite and white plaster christmas tree?!

(via d home magazine and canadian house and home magazine)


Anonymous said…
Lovely! And soo inviting.
Claudia Lane said…
I adore the top image, it's so beautiful and very creative indeed xo
windyar said…
The second one looks so cosy! I love the fence on the balcony <3 and the ....I actually love pretty much everything in this picture hehe:)
Unknown said…
These pictures are so lovely. I really love the holiday season.:)
x, Niki
Love the dark colors, they are so cozy in these rooms
This is wonderful I love everything about Christmas thanks for sharing my friend.

Always Wendy
That fire place is soooo gorgeous. Dark and brooding and lovely and perfect for cozying up during a snow storm.
Couture Carrie said…
Gorgeous post!
Love that wreath!

The green wreath in the first picutre looks really beautiful. But it would have been better if it was set in a lighter background.
Very creative and serene. Love the asymmetry of the rooms.
Julian | sofas said…
A wonderful chair, a good idea to do in my new house, I needed to know the different inspirations blog as wonderful as yours. Congratulations.
I really love these shots! You're right.. sophisticated and moody and the perfect words to describe them. Thanks for the inspiration!
lovely! the black fireplace looks very similar to one in my old home... :)))
Linda said…
Awesome post . Thanks for sharing .
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