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There are so many sources that I look to for inspiration and lately there is just something about a beautiful hardcover book full of glossy images that I cannot resist. Which is why I picked up a copy of Celerie Kemble's newest book, Black and White and a Bit in Between. The first thing I do when I purchase a new book is flip through the pages just to get a taste of the inspiration that is in store. Occasionally there are books where no single image stands out to me on the first flip. Well, this was absolutely not the case when I flipped through Celerie's book. My jaw literally dropped when I encountered these amazing kitchens..

Where are you looking to for inspiration these days?


Chic Coles said…
That first kitchen is so different with the wide plank barn wood.This is a wonderful kitchen.
Mary said…
That first kitchen with the reclaimed wood is amazing. What I wouldn't give...
And welcome to Chicago! I hope you grow to love it here.
beautiful images. i'll have to check that book out next time i'm at barnes & noble. just another excuse to visit, i guess!
Ambyr said…
That first kitchen is so rustic and beautiful. I'm finding my inspiration in lights. I've been seeing such pretty holiday lights around and it totally changes the setting and mood of a place.


So beautiful...I love getting new design books...thinking I should suggest this for a Christmas for me. I have her other book.
I love books like this.....hopes and dreams in print!
Jenna said…
oh my goodness, the wood paneling on the first kitchen's island is gorgeous. I LOVE it. thanks for the inspiration!
Unknown said…
Beautiful kitchens!
doris said…
Love the barn wood and how it works so well with the rest of the kitchen!
Unknown said…
So gorgeous, I've been treating myself to design books lately as well and this one is firmly on my wish list for Xmas! Let's hope Santa is listening ;) x
Beautiful kitchens! I just stumbled upon your blog and am so happy I did. I can't wait to read more.

Dominik said…
Ohhh wow, what a lovely kitechen

So stylish
Bella said…
Gorgeous to see this kitchen guys .
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