loving {french blue stripes}

Most designers have a signature touch and looking through the exquisite portfolio of Isabel Lopez-Quesada her signature seems to be french style blue stripes, which I adore. She uses it flawlessly in hallways, guest rooms and even a bathroom!

What is your signature touch?


Glamour Drops said…
Her work is beautiful - especially the first image, with its moody dark feel mixed with a bit of sultriness. And then the blue stripe is almost in contrast to the rest - which makes it fabulous.
Anonymous said…
I agree - the first picture is incredible. The perfect combination and contrast of contemporary and rustic.
Victoria said…
Beautiful images. I love the wall color she uses in the first image. It is very earthy and moody.
Unknown said…
That dark portrait over the chair in the bedroom.... How did she know it would work so well? I'm intrigued and inspired.
designchic said…
The first image is amazing...love her chic and sophisticated style!
I love her personal touch! It's so important when designing a home! Hmmm lets see I usually leave a chunky cable throw in a room. :)
Absolutely love the first image, it's so inviting.
Big hugs from Brasil
christine said…
Love love love the first picture
Can a color by a signature touch? Navy blue is my go-to for all things fashion and design related!
Luiza Mallmann said…
I was delighted with the sculpture of twigs of trees. A beautiful way to recycle and decorate. Kisses
Interior Design said…
My signature touch if I have my way is that I will see to it that there is a touch of yellow everywhere. Yellow is my favorite color.
Jacquelyn said…
Mine seems to be vintage milkglass - I have pieces in the study, kitchen, master, and living room!
I adore the first image... the colour scheme is so organic, and especially the accessories (eg. twig sculpture). Everything about the room just makes you just want to relax and curl up next to the fireplace!
Unknown said…
I love that bathroom!
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