Jayson Home and Garden

I have been in Chicago for the past few days and was very excited to visit a store that I have long online "window shopped" -- Jayson Home and Garden. The expectations I had for the store were met and exceeded. Just a little peak inside the store that I am sure will entice you to all visit if you in Chicago...

(photos via my i phone)
Do you have any new favorite shopping haunts that you recommend?


Jen Pinkston said…
I just spent so much time on their website-- such a great shop! I love the multi-colored moroccan plates and their vintage rug collection. I could do some serious damage in that store :)
Anonymous said…
I love the hand mirrors on the wall as well as that striped armchair. They both look so rustic and cozy! :)

I'm a big-time window shopper but mine are all online and I have yet gone into a large store. Maybe one day!
Lily said…
It looks just as amazing as I imagine it to be !! Would love to visit one day but for now ill have to stick with their online website !!

samantha ramage said…
love and desire that mirror wall. it's so snow white!

CUTE shop! I absolutely love those mirrors an the wall! Fun stuff!
I have always wanted to see the store in person! xx
Creative design & great photos. Thank you.
Callie Grayson said…
Perfect timing for you to be here, the weather has been really nice the past two days!
enjoy your stay here in the windy city!
any chance you remember the price they had on that geometric table? I'm super curious as I sold it to them!!
Anonymous said…
A really nice shop and nice photos!

Cara Kuhl said…
i.love.jayson. Stich Chicago is also a nice design store, I just wrote about that one recently! But Jayson is like from another world ~ so inspirational.
p o t a g e r said…
Oh! I soooo agree. It is a shopping mecca for sure. You might enjoy my experience there (http://www.potagerblog.com/search/label/Chicago) this past summer. You hit the nail on the head with this one!
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sevaa said…
wow thats a great find..I liked the mirrors too as like what samantha had said so snow white....maybe i can have those in data center atlanta..
Kelly said…
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