happy {refreshing} weekend

Are there ever those days when you just wish you could press a buttton and you immediatley feel refreshed? Getting lost in these images does serves as that button for me and thought maybe they would for you too.

(via domino, mikkel vang, and amy neunsinger)
I hope that you all have a lovely and refreshing weekend


MrJeffery said…
beautiful images. i need that refreshing weekend! hope you have a good one too.
That kitchen from Amy Neunsinger is so calming and beautiful!
Unknown said…
Wow, I really love that headboard and green side table. It really is refreshing and different. Totally works. Thanks.
That is a lovely headboard!!! It's a nice shade of green too!!! I'll keep this in mind, I'm in the process of redecorating. Thanks for sharing!!!
rooth said…
I like how that kitchen looks so 'unlike' a kitchen. It also has enough modern touches to keep it from becoming too rustic
modafobik said…
Wow i am in love the photos! :)

Oooh I’m really liking those shades of green. And that headboard is AWESOME!!! What a cool idea! Wish I was that artistic so I could start painting on my headboard!
I love that last image- the island is just gorgeous! Have a great weekend! :)
Great mix of photos love the kitchen island and that shade of green is amazing. Enjoy your weekend my friend.

Always Wendy
Lily@TileSupply said…
love these images. I especially love the island in the last photo... thanks for sharing these!
Mountain Dandy said…
I love that big table in the middle of the kitchen.
David Russo said…
Nice refreshing photos.

Ugly Sofa said…
Love the greenery. These kitchen is a breath of fresh air.
Ugly Sofa said…
by the way...I worked a summer in Moran, WY at Colter Bay...what beautiful country you live in. Someday I plan to take my family back there.
Alexandre said…
I love this site I will follow him in my head also:
Jacky said…
Wonderful to see this .

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