chocolate fix

Just because a girl sometimes needs a little chocolate fix and I thought this was a pretty good darn way to get it!

(via beth webb interiors)


Ann said…
Hmmm... looks real yummy to me.
That room is so inviting and I love the elegance and style all over it.
Erin said…
whoa! super cozy xoox
Alexandra Rae said…
Thought I was "over" chocolate rooms. But I LOVE this. It's timeless. And delicious.
Jennifer S. said…
Yes please to everything about this room!! The chocolate walls, the bench at the foot of the bed, and the beautiful white accessories!

Callie Grayson said…
mmm sweet space!
Unknown said…
love the symmentry of the seating area in the last shot. It's a simple color palette, but it packs a punch none the less.
mb said…
Chocolate, white and the unexpected accent of black. I like. I like a lot.
Clever to use the black on the headboard, draperies, and frames.

mb from Dallas
Unknown said…
Love this room! Cozy but chic!
Andrea Reh said…
Very yummy.

Andrea x
Indeed, a fantastic way of getting a chocolate fix! The chocolate and cream works perfectly together...utterly yummy.
Flowergirls said…
looks so nice! <3
rooth said…
The chrome picture frames are a really nice touch - a little sparkle and bling never hurt
yet another fabulous reason to book a flight to chicago!
would love to see Jayson Home in person - I drool over the catalogues & website.
Yummy chocolaty room. I liked the white and chocolate cushion in the second picture. But could have used small paintings on the wall instead of the big ones.
Jacky said…
Very decorative to see your interior decoration .
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