{eye candy} a grand entrance

Washed wood and a delicate chandelier are the perfect combination to make an entryway romantic and elegant, yet casual...

(via interiores)


Anonymous said…
That is stunning...how peaceful and elegant and casual all at once.


Exy said…
that's beautiful!

I love everything about that picture! Those stairs...
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bestpmchennai said…
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GORGEOUS! I love the arch, the lantern and the open stairway...amazing! You find so many images that I love!

Couture Carrie said…
That chandelier is phenomenal!

I love the entrance beautiful:)
Stunning/ Particularly love the mirror in the first image and the unfinished stairs and flooring in the last.
Pandora said…
So beautiful, I could imagine living there with no qualms!

Pandora from Home and Decor
Home Lighting said…
The others may think that this delicate chandelier is not the perfect choice in the rugged theme of the house but surprisingly, it works.
Josefa said…
It's also impressive .

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