craving {subtle impact}

When it comes to accessories many people feel that color and pattern are the only way to add a punch. However even the most understated colors can make an impact and do so while remaining sophisticated...

(driftwood console from south of market, crystal vase from barneys new york, cb2 area rug and bungalow 5 tray)


Anonymous said…
Gorgeous, and you're so right...sometimes understated can be the biggest statement of them all!

Anonymous said…
Gorgeous. I love all of it. That driftwood console is absolutely gorgeous.
Unknown said…
I'd love to style a totally white wedding. Be interesting to concentrate so much on textures to create the impact.
Rson_al said…
love the driftwood console
Ambyr said…
Great idea. I love the bungalow tray.

Anonymous said…
I love white and grey as stark contrasts. I really love winter, which might be why lol. But stark whites and greys feel summery in decoration.
When I first began showing Luxury Homes, I was enthralled by the size of the homes, the size of the lots, and the amenities.

Now that I have seen 100's of beautiful homes, it is the feeling I get from a well-designed space, ambient light, and textures and surfaces that warm my heart.

Your images - and your presentation - bring understated elegance and peacefulness to their environment.
Nanda said…
Wow! The home furnishings are wonderful.
Dancing said…
Wow! The home furnishings are wonderful.
Matthew Nguyen said…
Completely beautiful. A true piece of work.
Stephanie▲ said…
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Stephanie▲ said…
Really nice blog
Couture Carrie said…
Gorgeous post, darling!
That console is amazing!

Heidi said…
It really depends on your personal taste and I like these colors
I agree! A simple color scheme (especially lots of white) makes for a clean and relaxing environment.
annie said…
beautiful vase!
Kyla said…
I want that vase. Seriously. I love its shape!

But you're so right! I'm one of those people who ADORES bright colors. I just can't help it. They call my name and I have to answer!

Thank you for drawing my attention to the beauty of simplicity. Sometimes, it's hard to remember, because I love complicated so much...

Have a great day!
KL said…
Beautiful! Layers of texture and light far more effective than garish colour and pattern! A lovely collection to illustrate!
You are absolutely right! Sometimes less is more. Thanks for sharing :)

>'-'< meow!
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Erica said…
The home furnishings are wonderful.

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Rachel M said…
I agree! I have a pink room and use simple black and white pieces to accessorize.
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