shades of gray {dream home 2011}

The 2011 Dream Home certainly shows off every shade of gray—from deep charcoal to pale pewter. If you are looking to add this color to your home these rooms provide fantastic inspiration with their textures, treatments and pieces.

(images via Dream Home 2011)
What about these rooms inspired you the most? I particularly love the textured walls of the office and the antique mirror mounted in the fireplace.


Debbie said…
I love everything about these, but I have to say what stands out the most is the artwork above the fireplace in the third picture and various little pops of color such as the flowers, greenery, and lemons.
Meghan said…
I especially love the use of textures - the stainless steels, metals and metallic printed upholstery. Inspiring use of of grey in so many different ways!
I loved these rooms! I especially loved the old world feel of the office mixed with that industrial looking table...the kitchen was pretty killer too. Wow!!!
It is all about textures since color is not a major component. Love them all
I love gray and changed the wall colors in my house from vanilla to light gray, it really gets more sophisticated and cool. Nevertheless, after some years of drapes in shades of gray, gray rug, it screams for some pops of color, specially in Summer.

Absolutly, madly in love with the bedroom. Just Beautifull!!!!
That bedroom is to die for. The different shades of gray and the lighting make it so romantic!!
I am in love with that bedroom! So classic & sophisticated.
Callie Grayson said…
That kitchen! Gorgeous!!
My house is all grey and white except for the kitchen which I need to tear down and redo with an expansion.
So that kitchen is perfectly inspirational. I love the round rings of the chandelier... I wish I had the height to install that!
Ambyr said…
The giant book in the first image is so cool! I love the mix of cement greys with a more pewter or mauve kind of grey, it's a good mix on tones!

MyOwnMemento said…
The kitchen is awesome!
Cove Design said…
I love all of these rooms! Especially the kitchen :)
Marie said…
I love gray! The first picture is my favorite :)
xx Marie House Chic
the kitchen dining... lovely. great modern looking chandelier.
FWDstore said…
Its just so nice to see a room that's gray that is not drab but lovely. Thanks for the inspiration!!
Unknown said…
So beautiful! Love all the textures and finishes!
Love the sleek mood of the gray theme. Wonderful interior style, great blog.

Big Bean Bags said…
I will certainly be taking a lot of inspiration from this post for my upcoming bedroom renovation. Thanks.
Santi said…
gorgeous home!!
so beautiful ;)
Room Lighting said…
The overall design of these rooms is hypnotic, I can imagine myself feeling sleepy just by looking at it. The gray color makes it so somber but really stylish. Even the chandelier looks like a pendulum.
Vong Chong said…
Amazing to awesome to see your post .
Robert Smith said…
This was nice interior design. I am loving this. Thanks

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