punch of plum

At the moment I am completely swooning over the elegant and dramatic punch of plum purple. Although these rooms all embrace different design styles the impact the color adds is still the same...

(via marianne evennou, house and garden and m. design)


orchidlanedecor.com said...

OMG. The drama of color in that first photo is just amazing. The room in the second photo is stunning. These are being added to my faves file, thanks!

Suzy xxx

Jen S. said...

I agree that first one is my fav. Is it a kitchen?


Jen S. said...

I agree that first one is my fav. Is it a kitchen?


The Sister Sophisticate said...

What a awesome kitchen. the plum is such an unexpected color!

OneMoment said...

The style of the living room is amazing!

Charlotta Ward said...

No 1 had me kissing the screen! So gorgeous.

Hope you are well over there.

x Charlotta

Lana said...

It is a fabulous colour especially with greys and charcoals. Lovely inspiration!

mnemonique said...

I love the second picture and the whole arrangement on it.

and for real plums we have to wait a little bit, they will be in the late summer.

Monika from

Catarina Almeida Santos said...

lovely home ;)
magnific !


Naomi@DesignManifest said...

Loving that plum/ fuschia cabinet, It's so unexpected! My desk is a similar color, though it leans more towards the hot pink spectrum than plum.

Delicious spaces.

Ambyr said...

This is great. I love photo 2 with the plum dresser and black lamp shades, great dramatic feel. The plum and gold lighting in photo 3 are great too, elegant twist on the room.


Callie Grayson said...

love this colour! it's punchy it's gorgeous and oh so fun!

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous post!
Especially loving that second space!


Paula said...


fluerdelyis said...

I will also, remark about the sophisticated colors in the kitchen. My dinning room and living
room share a wall. My living room is just a tad darker than the walls in this kitchen and my dinning room is one hue lighter than the plum kitchen
curtains. It is a color pairing that has worked well for me for over ten years. My front door is a creamy purple berry. Our main bath counter top is a deep plum the walls are a lighter green and I have some orange, and old world rusty and bronze pieces waiting to incorporate into the bathroom that work well with the plum and green.
I love purple.
I enjoy your blog and your creative sense.

Sheesham Furniture UK said...

Love the long plum sideboard. Really stunning. May consider painting some furniture in a colour other than white after reading this.

MissBliss said...

Love all this plum and those green dining chairs in the other nearby post. We actually have a channel in Miami Beach called "Plum TV" and their motto is, "The best things in life are plum." :)

Here's their link... they have a great site too.


Lucille J. James said...

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Robert Smith said...

Loving the bedroom. And also loving the other decorations. Thank you so much for sharing with us

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