packing list {italian riviera}

I spent most of this past weekend trying to strategically pack for my first European visit. My bag is a small one and I am attempting to fit in attire for the beach, country and city--it is proving difficult. I thought I should start one setting at a time and this would absolutely be my ideal items for the Italian Riviera portion of the trip...

(calyspo celle bathing suit, dvf dress, marc jacobs seagrass tote, winifred grace bangles, belle by sigerson flats)
If you're planning a trip and need a new suitcase to pack all your stuff into then why not check out the Very store, where there are loads of different designs. It's great when you can match your style to your personality, even with luggage.


Eleni Psyllaki said…
Totally LOVE this dress!Great finds Blair =)
Oh my, Europe is going to be a very fashionable continent. But if can make a sugestion, dont forguet a fragrance, because like that you can give your memories a scent. How about NUXE - Huile Prodigieuse - fantastic dry body oil that will give your skin a fantástic glow, I love it. P.S Crazy about the biquini.
Anonymous said…
Yes, gorgeous picks!! Love that bathing suit!
Beautiful choices! The only thing I'd use differently is the shoes. Fabric wedges/espadrilles or stripy sandals would probably be better, especially if it gets hot and the soles of classic wedges would also go really nicely with the texture of the basket. :)
sherri lynn said…
great pieces! I love the bathing suit, the tote, and the bangles. I would be crazy excited if I were you!
Rebecca said…
Absolute perfection. The dress and the suit are just gorgeous. I can't wait to see pics from your trip!!

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Sherry said…
Gorgeous! If this doesn't put you in the mood for summer nothing will:) Love it all!
MyOwnMemento said…
I really love the bathing suit!
Katie said…
Love the entire outfit! That dress is perfect for all three settings! I really want those bracelets too!
Beautiful choices - I think you could pull off the dress in the country, city or at the beach pretty nicely! How exciting to have that trip coming up!
Ambyr said…
This dress is amazing, go figure, it's DVF!

Can't wait to here more about your trip!

Aliza said…
Love the bathing suit! cant wait till its real beach weather here!
Callie Grayson said…
That dress is a must have!!! with those big pop of colour sunglasses!!
have fun!!
make sure you take 1 empty suit case to bring back all your lovely finds!!!!!!
Couture Carrie said…
That bikini is phenomenal!!

That is a BEAUTIFUL DRESS!!! <3 it!
I love beaches in Europe. especially the ones in Croatia/Greece.
Anne said…
Amazing to see this post here .

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