kitchen crush {a fresh start}

If you have been reading delight by design for a while you will know that I have a love of neutral palettes, open shelving, and simple styling--which is why these two kitchens have stolen my heart. They also both happen to feature a little bit of a twist on in kitchen dining, from the bench seating in this one... separate and symmetrical placement of eating and prep islands of this one.

(via atlanta homes and lifestyles)
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ooohhhh... Love this! I did a post a while back about a kitchen table in the center of the kitchen and wondered how it would work with food prep and dining. This solves the problem! Love the idea of the wheels!
Unknown said…
Lovely- adore open shelving!
Unknown said…
Love.. especially the first one! I'm dying to fit some open shelving in my kitchen!
Marianne said…
I am in love with both of these kitchens! Perfect!
beautiful and so calming... ahhhh!
Unknown said…
simple beautiful spaces both of them so relaxed & refreshing. I love the seating in the 2nd image. I do love a range cooker
Beautiful kitchens and I love the bench seating!
Alexandra Rae said…
These are gorgeous. I love your taste in kitchens. I still stare daily at the one with the SOARING ceiling and concrete everywhere. So cool.
just GORGEOUS photos! i would love a fresh bright space like this. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams
Unknown said…
Gorgeous! Love the idea of two separate prep areas!
MyOwnMemento said…
I really love the bench in the first picture! Great Idea!
kalynor said…
The second kitchen is amazing! Love the stove, the open shelving, the marble on the work table and on the other one..Simply beautiful!
lost + found said…
ahhhhMAZING kitchens!! i would DIE if i could cook in one these spaces! so gorg and functional!

thanks for inspiring!

Kate Lewis said…
these are both so fresh. would love to cook in these kitchens! thanks
"a love of neutral palettes, open shelving, and simple styling"....and THAT is why I heart your blog!! :)
PinkCoffie said…
Amazing kitchens! Heaven on earth for ones that love to cook! + Love the neutral palette <3 Xoxo

- Urska @
I really wish I had used a bench at my island.

Completely love both of those kitchens!! Thanks for sharing!
I love both of these images and really enjoy designing kitchens with Islands. Shame though that most city homes are too small for this - particularly in the UK. Now to dream of a country home with a large island.....
designchic said…
I love everything about the first kitchen...the open shelving is fabulous!!
LOVE the black millwork accents of the island and dining table, and the coordinating pendants above them! Great contrast!
Elsie said…
ditto. Heart your blog, too.
Meg said…
Gorgeous and light filled. The open shelving is such a beautful and casual look.
I'm so glad I saw this post today! I absolutely love the first one. The bench is so perfect. I adore the open shelving. I incorporated open shelving in my new kitchen, but if I had it to do over...I would go more this way. The shelving has more of an industrial feel that I really like. I tend to use bowls and things from my open shelves more because it's way more convenient than opening an under counter cabinet. I also love the casual walls in this photo and the sconces.

The second one is to die for as well! What's not to love about symmetry? And I love black and white.
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Loretta said…
Exceptional looking this shoot here .
Robert Smith said…

very nice. I like this kitchen's design.

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