room to wardrobe {subtle + bright}

There is a something mystifying about this seating area--that subtle and perfect balance of warm and cool. The pops of mandarin make a lovely statement against the creamy neutral backdrop.
The feel and color scheme are the perfect inspiration for this spring ensemble.


Unknown said…
wow love the pillows under the table idea , it is so fresh haha
I am loving SO much in this post...basically everything and ESPECIALLY that painting!!
Oh! You know, I've actually never seen a post like this, and I love it! I love the orange and neutrals... orange and greys... those earings are amazing.


xo Jessica Rae
Anonymous said…
I don't know if it's my monitor, but that gorgeous room is presenting as all warm. The lampshade is that delious warm charcoal/grey. The mandarin really adds wow factor, preventing it from being too bland.

Usually I like a room or an outfit, but never both! The room is gorgeous and I want the whole outfit! So pretty and feminine without being too "foofy" - just right for me! Nice.
Unknown said…
oh I am loving the colour pallette here very inviting
Anything that features orange has my vote! Happy Weekend!
Unknown said…
Lovely! That dress is so pretty And I love the scarf!
designchic said…
Love the throws, the pillows and the wonderful art, and the clothes...fantastic!!
jen leitzell said…
I always love your room to wardrobe posts! Definitely loving the mandarin color for both the home and the wardrobe!
Lilacandgrey said…
I would love to get my hands on that dress!
sherri lynn said…
oh i love these colors and the whole look going on here
Couture Carrie said…
Gorgeous inspiration and look!
Love that dress!

MyOwnMemento said…
I really really really love the dress!!!
gorgeous..a perfect balance! and lovelove that dress!

xo.ashley ashley nicole catherine
Ambyr said…
This is great!! I love the pillows under the side tables and the Marc by Marc Jacobs dress is divine!! I love orange.

Tracey said…
Rocking that orange!
Molly said…
hey blair! I am such a huge fan of your blog (and of this post in particular)! you continually inspire me with color combinations and interior decorating ideas that i would never think of by myself. i would be so flattered and appreciative if you took a moment to check out my blog if not - i totally understand! I am such a loyal fan and I am confident that you will keep bringing beauty into the world of blogging day-by-day!
Ooo like the way they positioned the orange throws down the center of the chairs. It's quite pleasing to the eye.

And that dress is divine. If only the budget allowed...
Callie Grayson said…
I want that entire outfit please!!

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