featured home {well divided}

The use of paned glass walls, a neutral palette, mirrors, area rugs to define seating areas and low back seating are all excellent ways to create a home with defined spaces while maintaining the feeling of openness. These are all great solutions for loft style living when square footage is limited.

(via nuevo estilo)


Unknown said…
Love the mirrored wall in the first photo! Makes the room seem so much bigger!
Ambyr said…
The mirrors are great. I love the mirrors with all the wood, it keeps the room rustic and lived in!

Love those incredible glass sliding doors. Those are amazing.
Absolutely gorgeous spaces, all of them. I think I've decided my dream house is just a huge loft with lots of big windows. That first image is perfection!
carolyn said…
all the angles in this home are beautiful! love the rug in the second pic!
I love this space - so many interesting angles. The beams and the glass walls/doors really make the space! What great architecture and beautifully done!

claire said…
I love that block-looking divider. Separates the room without closing it in. Perfect xo
Anonymous said…
I love that the rustic beams and pillars define the space without dominating it.

classiq said…
I love how the glass wall creates the illusion of open space (enhanced by the white paint) and the rustic feel given by the wooden pillars and beams.
Fantastic rooms, the Moroccan rug is gorgeous.
Hugs from Brasil
sherri lynn said…
these are some beautiful pictures of homes!
Just found your blog via Vmac+cheese... it's gorgeous, so much inspiration!
That mirror was perfect in the room- nearly doubles the space! And I love it juxtaposed against those wood beams.
Pistachio said…
I love how bright and airy those room look!
Charlotta Ward said…
What a beautiful and light filled home. Loving the bones of it, however don't quite agree with the floor coverings. I would have preferred wooden floors here.

Have a wonderful weekend.

xx Charlotta
Thea said…

I'm a girl from Norway, and I looove your blog! Keep up the good work! :)
Couture Carrie said…
Such gorgeous spaces!
Love the window divider!
Such a chic design idea!

Callie Grayson said…
what a fabulous space!!
Gorgeous! I'll share some pics on myidealhome.tumblr.com ...hope you don't mind! ;)
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Md Sumon said…
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Robert smith said…
This design is awesome. Absolutely mind-blowing. Thanks

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