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I love going into homes where personal artifacts and accessories are openly displayed, especially when in a lovely manner. It evokes a confidence that I find incredibly appealing--that sense that one is not afraid to display their favorite books or their kitchen staples to guests. Oh, how I would love to meet the homeowners of this apartment and climb the ladder to leaf through those books...

...or examine the selection of herbs and spices that they display.

By the way, pretty fabulous kitchen, no? So smart of the homeowners to encase it in glass and make what is a very small home much more open.

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all of these spaces are gorgeous, i love the bookshelves in the first photo! xoxo jcd:: cornflake dreams
Oh to be that organized!

Did they turn all their books around? They look suspiciously white.
Sarah Morgan said…
So gorgeous! The white library is stunning + welcoming at the same time.
Unknown said…
I am utterly obsessed with that glass partition wall- seriously amazing!!
The herbs n spice jars make a fabulous display!
The paned glass wall is the bomb, isn't it?! The library and herb display is pretty wonderful too. Thanks.
Couture Carrie said…
Love that library/living room!

Ambyr said…
This house is awesome. I agree about the glass, it looks less cluttered too. And the book case idea, I lovvve the ladders.

Thanks for sharing,
v o j a c q u e said…
i'd love to have a library of my own one day! these are other creative ideas that i love, if you'd like to check it out:



Anonymous said…
love the fabulous library! you have a fantastic blog glad I found it
Chic Coles said…
First image we love.all the white and have always wanted the ladder.
Unknown said…
Stunning!! I love the bookshelves and that kitchen is amazing!
Park Interiors said…
I love how all the books on the bookshelf are neutral! They are probably just turned around but they look great!
Dovecote Decor said…
Just found you! Loved the post! Drop by to see our fabulous imported French Basketeer Giveaway. To quote Andrea plastic bags are “so passé!”
Unknown said…
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ChicaExtranjera said…
Those ladders are so darling!
Anonymous said…
The colors in these photos are so warm and inviting. Just love everything about them!

Home Lighting said…
The first picture gives me an inspiration and a clear image on how I want to arrange my books in my room. I hope I can do it in the near future!
Hanny said…
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