grasscloth + chandeliers

This kitchen is full of unexpected touches. The grasscloth wall covering adds warmth and the illusion of a metallic backdrop while the backsplash flawlessly ties the warmth of the walls with the glamour of the twin chandeliers.

(via style at home)


abby jenkins said…
Oh I love everything about it!

We really need to get going on our kitchen renovation, decided to shelve the idea until we could comfortably cook outside. Speaking of shelving, I really like the open shelves on on either side of the vent, great way to display some of your favorite props.
Daniella said…
Hello Blair! Just realized i've been following along your blog, but haven't commented in ages! I hope you're doing well... this kitchen is gorgeous!
Love love the grasscloth, opens shelves and crystal- so pretty.
Beautiful! I added some grasscloth to my kitchen ceiling and I love it!

Now I just need a little bling and I will be on my way to similar looking kitchen.

Gorgeous! I definitely love everything about this kitchen! Very unique!
I love the double chandeliers. So pretty.
Chic Coles said…
oh just stop! This look is amazing! The chandeliers are my favorite and the grasscloth looks amazing.
Gabriella said…
I guess this kitchen is the reason someone invented the word 'perfect'...
xo, Gabriella
Couture Carrie said…
Gorgeous kitchen!
Love the chandeliers!

Cove and Grey said…
I love the mix of the grass cloth and chandeliers! They play off each other to make it not so formal.
Ambyr said…
This is the perfect woman's kitchen. I love all the accents but it's not overly girly. The flowers are pretty too!

Happy Monday,
Just such a pretty kitchen! Can't wait until I can cut peonies from the garden and put them in mine!
Check out my new blog!
Best, Paula
modern jane said…
wow. The mix of glitz and charm is perfection!
I'm in love with this kitchen, the chandeliers are so fab!! xo
Gorgeous kitchen! I love all of the texture! The grasscloth is an amazing touch in a kitchen or in anay space. :)
lost + found said…
wow WOW!! this is just fantastic!!! soft and fenimine, but not overly the contrast of the rush seat stools and dark-topped kitchen island. now i could cook up a strom in a space like this! :)

xo! lost + found
dreamy kitchen!
funny, im seeing grass cloth all over now...i used to have it one the walls of my first home, all over the place! I did not like it then...i sort of like it now...
coleen said…
oh what a pretty couple of chandeliers
Anne said…
Impressive to see your photography guys .

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