eye candy {loft living}

Although lofts can be chic I have a hard time with the very open living plan. I am all for airy open spaces but do crave some sort of room division. However, every once and a while there are lofts that I long for and this is one of them. Perhaps it is the height and volume of the floral designs, flawless accessorizing, swoon worthy dining table or the differing wall colors...

(via AD France)
What element in this busy but beautiful space are you drawn to?


Unknown said…
Beautiful! That art on the far wall is lovely! So many fab little details :)
MMMmmmm this space is fabulous! I love all the bright pops of color! Its so full of light and warmth!
Rachel said…
The pink flowers
Gregory said…
Ooh that is gorgeous, definitely would not mind living in that loft!!

I am pulled in by all the glass pieces and the greens.

Arica said…
WOW. the covered chairs got me hooked, and then the blue wood paneling and green clustered glass vases. just goes to show that for me all the details don't have to 'match' they have to go. and it's the small things that count. (:
Alex Adamson said…
This is so lovely! I love how industrial elements like brick and piping are mixed with homier accents, like a paneled wall and a wood table. It feels really fresh.

Keep on bloggin'!

Claudia Lane said…
It's amazing how the eye always gets drawn to the middle of the imaged...all those lovely vases and flowers look amazing...and then of course the x artwork on the back left hand side...very predictable aren't I? :))
The green glass bowl and bottles toward the front and then the high vases on the table totally got my attention. I would love to stumble upo
http://bjdhausdesign.blogspot.com/n this store!
Charlotta Ward said…
I too love lofts and dream about a edgy hide away in that genre one day.

I agree. The contrasting colours and textures help break this space up. Love the chairs with the individual sheep skin throws - so me. And that distressed (original) brick wall is to die for.

Lovely find.

x Charlotta
Linea R said…
that difficult decision!
no doubt I'll take notes of color in pink, after that, I declined for what seems like the swing of the fund.
Appeals to me without knowing the profile of its structure, has intrigued me, I'll take it!
You have no photos of the loft?
I loved it! and what more, the color that has brought this day to your blog!
jen leitzell said…
I love the dining table, light blue wood paneling, and the exposed brick wall. Love it all really!
WOW this is a stunning space! LOVE all the colour, brings so much character to the loft. I'm really drawn to the floral displays on the table. I have a thing for lofts and this one is very much on top of the lot!

~Meera @ firstsense
Open spaces are the best solution for home living. I love this photo! :-)
Gabriella said…
I love how the wallcolours kind of seperate the room. I guess that is why I too am drawn to this open space! x
Vanessa Rae said…
Oh Blair, I don't know if I could choose just one! When I opened up my reader and saw this I gasped for goodness. All of it! The light blue wall, the wood furniture, the brick. I would love to live here, even just for the summer.
I am drawn to the long table, then I love all the texture. Eclectic interiors are my favorite and a loft space really shows off this style.
Anonymous said…
The beautiful stone/brick wall in the background and that gorgeous dining room table!
its so spacious and roomy! love the high tables and that massive table. xoxo jcd
a lovely mess. said…
the loft is insanely cute. im with you though, i love room division, but i think i could get used to this living space.
Hi Blair,
Scandinavian decorating book up for grabs over at the Northern Light blog, thought you and your readers may be interested!

Northern Light
Anonymous said…
Love this space! The dining chairs are what does it for me. Beautiful.
Couture Carrie said…
Love the dining table!

So much color. I'm drawn to it all. I would just glide from vignette to vignette and touch everything, starting with the green glass bowl.
Park Interiors said…
That brick wall on the far side is amazing! Neutral and simple but adds so much texture.
Waterrose said…
Even though it is beautiful...it still has too much going on for me. I guess I'm not a loft person. :)
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Ambyr said…
That center table is awesome. It's so inviting with all the cozy chairs. The sky blue and mint green walls are great too, livens up the room!

Happy Friday,
Tobe | BIA said…
loving that giant art! so successful in big, open spaces like that!
Anonymous said…
I love that soft wash of aqua on the wall! SO pretty with that pop of bright pink.
anyaadores said…
I am going straight for the branches in the tall green vases - but the whole place is fab. Love the explosion of color. - Also love your blog:)
Happy sunday
A xx
Jennifer S. said…
def the pink peonies on the table and the fur on the chairs....amazing!!!

Anonymous said…
Oh how I would love to live in a loft! This is gorgeous!
Now following.....thanks for sharing.

Ciao Bella!

Anne said…
How nice and very creative decoration .
Robert Smith said…
Nice design as well. Really so awesome.

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