a warming glow

It is yet again a very chilly morning and I just cant seem to warm up no matter how many layers I wear or how high I crank the heat, which is probably why I am drawn to the warming glow in these lovely spaces.

(scanned from interior portraits and french home)


Anonymous said…
I love this warm look - it's very exotic at the same time.

Lucy x
Anonymous said…
Both photos are beautiful....but I'm very drawn to the 2nd one. Beautiful.
thanks for the warmth! we need some here as well : )

Cybelle e Fabi said…
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xoxo Cybelle and Fabi
wishful nals said…
OBSESSED with those big barn doors. love 'em.
Couture Carrie said…
Gorgeous spaces!

Stay warm, darling!

The yellow makes me happy on this cold winter day!

Lyssa said…
Lovely! Photos like this get me excited about decorating our new place! When we get it...
autumn said…
i love the little sunburst mirror layered on the larger mirror. so pretty!
Cherisse said…
I love the TALL door!
Caitlin said…
This second image is breathtaking! The high ceils and tall door is so beautiful.
ruma said…
Awe inspiring your works!!


Saga, Japan.


Anonymous said…
I love those candles lighting the way to those wooden doors.
The first one looks more wonder .
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