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I would not describe my personal style as glamorous, either in fashion or my home. However I do love imagining what living a glamorous urban life would be like. The touches of gold, over the top wall treatments, plush fabrics, bold patterns and pure luxury that drip from this home are the perfect backdrop for my daydreaming.

(designed by anne coyle via cs interiors)
And even if glam is not your personal style, there may be an element that you are drawn to or inspired by. So don't overlook a room for inspiration just because the over all feel is not your taste.


Aliza said…
GORGEOUS! I will use this for my daydreams too!
Chic Coles said…
Wow loving the last two images.
Anonymous said…
Great advice. I would love to be in that first room right now! And that tree--Beautiful!
Loving that amazing black door--so chic! Great selection.
Lightopia said…
I loved the tree silhouette on the wall.
Anna said…
green couch room and dining room photos go directly into my inspiration folder!


Unknown said…
A little glamour in a space is always a good thing in my opinion- gorgeous inspiration pics.
LilYofDaPond said…
love the first one.. !!especially the frames :)
Glamour Drops said…
Well said. There are some knockout elements in these images that are worthy of attention, even if the whole room doesn't appeal to everyone. And I always figure that any space can do with a splash of glamour! (Having said that, I actually like the whole gold dining room - would be a sophisticated dinner party in such a space.)
i love this post.
thanks for the treat.
Logan Living said…
beautiful interior!!!!!!!!!!

That tiled fire place is TO DIE FOR!!!!!
....when can I move in??

Accessories Please.blogspot
Many fantastic ideas!:) Love it!
theappletea said…
so gorgeous! I love those doors on a 4th photo
firepits said…
Really Gorgeous. Nice Interiors!
Oooh yes! I love that white headboard with black wall.. :)))))

Unknown said…
Wow! that was so cool and cozy, I'm sure that you can sleep like a baby on that bed. =)

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Ivy said…
That tree on the wall is awesome and the black door with the circular detail... pretty cool!

and the words of the day are...Glamourous and Fabulous!
WOW!Agape!everything so elegant and so glamorous!So Divine spaces, So brilliant interiors!Gosh, Photos are amazing too!What a Blog.thanks for sharing.
123Dview said…
Stunning style! The furniture, wall colors, accents and lighting fixtures are beautiful, stylish and looks luxurious. Great post, check out 3D Rendering
Anonymous said…
Just the presence of the lectern stand in the second picture, with the open (guestbook?) with its grosgrain ribbon -- I've always loved that. When I was a child, that just seemed impossibly elegant, to care so much about books and words as to literally put them on a pedestal.
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Megan said…
I'm not crazy about the glamour styling, I think a house should look livable and not look like a art deco museum :)
Maureen said…
hi! just found your blog- love it!

-Maux from
Design Goddess said…
That last room is absolutely gorgeous. I love black & charcoal walls & the contrast of white is on point.

Queen of Gems said…
Eames' Molded Plywood Lounge Chair would make a nice pop in the black-white-chrome bedroom, as a counterpoint to the white Barcelona Chairs!

Do you have any idea where the stencil or tree sticker came from. I want to do that exact tree.
Eaty said…
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