clean slate {of curtains}

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time for a clean slate in every aspect of your life--a blank new calendar (which I just realized I don't have!), an revamp of your wardrobe or a fresh look in your home. And a fresh look in your home does not mean a major overhaul--it can be something simple like adding a crisp cream curtain along a wall to cover up an old wall color or simply to add texture, as in this home designed by Vincente Wolf. Even these little things make a world of difference.

I am also just crazy about the proportions of this light fixture to the dining room table and the way the mirror hangs against the pleats of the curtain.
(scanned from Lifting the Curtain on Design)


Couture Carrie said…
Love that light fixture!

Gorgeous post, per usual darling!

Spots & Stripes said…
The light fixture is a reall showstopper.
Unknown said…
Gorgeous rooms! Definitely find myself gravitating to lighter colours this time of year after the rich dark hues of fall and the beginning of winter.
shamanaccount said…
I'm imagining how soft that couch could be under my stressed body. Wood combo at the dining room is a sure hit.
I just found your blog...this post really interested me since I am contemplating doing something similar in a bedroom. I did a post on it a few days ago...stop by!
love the large dining fixture! i feel that the scale of light fixtures can make or break a room...

lisa : )
Sarah Morgan said…
I love this! Neutral without being boring.
saigon said…
whats that fixation with white? very many bloggers like it
Callie Grayson said…
love all the different chairs around that dining table!
I love a huge dining table.
I love that light fixture! Beautiful post,
Oh yeah, really loving seeing that mirror against the curtains. So unique.
Sarah Greenman said…
I love that big low round coffee table.
Isla Viney said…
The interior space looks really superb .
Robert Smith said…
Another lovely decoration. I love it.

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