perfectly layered

I love the eclectic and cozy feeling of layered artwork but so often it can also look messy. This mantle is perfection in my book due to the scale of the images and small collection of knick knacks in the forground.

(via canadian house and home)


Concrete Jungle said…
They got it right and in Canada!
nelya said…
This is so beautiful...the layering of color, and art, the interspersed bits of white here and there and the gorgeous textiles. Definitely a wow(!) moment.
Great find!
I love the colors of this... what a cozy room. That chair is gorgeous as well.
Michelle Marie said…
There is something equally sexy and cozy about this space, with a perfect mix of feminine and masculine.
Unknown said…
I love that chair!
Anonymous said…
Unique color combo making for a very rich, warm look! I'll take one!
Couture Carrie said…
So gorgeous!

This is really lovely! Plus how great is that wall color?!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful! It is a true talent to be able to accessorize like that. Roxanne
Jennifer Perry said…
So true, it is a delicate balance indeed. This one is just right and makes one wish to be there.
This is so the looks.
Everything about this photo is simply just perfect.
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Robert Smith said…
I love the decoration.
photo editing said…
The decoration looks stunning! you have really done well. Especially I like the chair looks.

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