gift guide {for the gals}

So I am a procrastinator. I have the best of intentions to do things like buy my ski pass is August when they are sale or start my christmas shopping early and well it never happens. I started Christmas shopping today--case and point. So I thought for all of you (I hope I am not the only one) that procrastinates here are a few gift ideas for the all the girls on your list.

(winifred grace bracelet, john robishaw travel wallet, aubin and willis blanket, gold wishbone from jayson home and garden, banana republic slippers and jonathon adler pillow)
Happy shopping!


Rebecca Dot Com said…
Oh- my hubby would kill me if i did last minute shopping! i'm usually on top of my shopping - but these are some GREAT ideas - thanks for sharing! :)
Unknown said…
Oh my fabulous! Can I re write my list?!? :) xoxo
Unknown said…
I'm the same- work better under pressure:) Great list! That bracelet is particularly amazing! I'd happily take all of it.
I LOVE those slippers. They look so cozy like i wish I had them on right this minute!
chateaudelille said…
Ive barely done any shopping either. Im too busy having fun in Bali. I shall have to get serious. Fiona
leanne said…
I'd be over the moon with ALL of them... except I'm aquarius ;)
I'm starting my shopping tomorrow. Love that jonathon adler pillow! Quirky.
Amanda said…
that bracelet is amazing!
Couture Carrie said…
Gorgeous selections, especially that bracelet!

Going to buy those slippers tomorrow!

Love them.
Logan Living said…
That gold wish bone is so unique!

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nelya said…
Just lovely. I'm especially smitten with that wishbone. I've been eyeing it for sometime. I think a splurge is in order.
nelya said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Agnes R. Taylor said…
Specially the necklace looks more nice .
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