for the love of olive branches

I am a picky eater and although I have grown to like many things olives are one of the many things that I just will not eat. The last time I tried they were rolled in cheese and nuts so I thought maybe I could handle them but alas I apparently I consumed them with a very rude look of disgust. However, olive branches I adore and not to eat but as a home accents. Their color and organic structure make any room just a bit more welcoming and can soften a room of clean lines.

(rooms via the book Down South II)


CALinteriors said…
I love olives too and I too adore olive trees, perhaps is because of my italian heritage I don't know, but there is something special about them and I find their branches elegant but not pretentious, I love their colour and shape and they are wonderful to look at.
Hope you are having a nice break :))
Kathysue said…
I just scheduled a post for tomorrow that shows how to add plants in your homes decor these images would be a great addition to my post. If it is alright I would love to link to this post?!! Kathysue
chair up said…
I have never so much as raised an olive to my lips and don't think I ever will but I'm with you on the branches. They add so much to the look of a room.
Oh I really love these. I just moved and want to use some of these in my ideas in my new place!
Ann said…
Those olive branches were really put to good use:)

I love it on the tub...
Thanks for sharing those gorgeous spaces:)
Kellie Collis said…
That is gorgeous! It's wonderful how a little touch of green can make a room warmer! Enjoy the lovely day, Kellie xx
Couture Carrie said…
Absolutely lovely!

Emorie said…
hmmmmmmm, wonder where you had those cream cheese & pecan olives?? i thought for sure i could get you to like them coved in all those good things! your distaste for olives aside, beautiful post, love the branches!
classiq said…
absolutely beautiful!
Callie Grayson said…
mmm, i love olives!
And these images, lovely! I grew up with Olive Trees in the front of our house and my chore was to pick up the olive that had fallen on the ground and drive! so my love of olives grew from the harvesting of them i guess.
Love the look of the branches in these rooms.
Hahaha! I only just started trying olives this year... don't LOVE them, but am warming up to them! The branches are pretty, though!
Anonymous said…
can't find book title "Down South II" ...can you give me author's name?

Love, love, love the kitchen! And the bathroom too! In fact, all good!
I love olive branches! I love all of these images too! So gorgeous!
Remind me of Provence...the olive trees. Beautiful kitchen.
Mary Ann
PS. not even tapenade?
Amanda said…
I adore olive branches...I do love olives of every kind as well :)
fric and frac said…
Love olives and olive branches - and I really love that tub! Gorgeous!
Fric and Frac
thewaltz said…
I'll take olives in any form, including these lovely branches! These images take me back to Italy, and warm Tuscan breezes, ahh. :)
Jessica Turnbow said…
ugh, love that bath tub!
Kellie said…
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