eye candy {wall of keys}

There are so many lovely things about this vignette--the beautiful double mirrors and the lovely accessories but what I just adore is the wall of vintage keys! Such a wonderful and unique idea that is sure to add an eclectic charm to any space.


Lovin That! said…
I love it. There are so many great counsel displays. I recently used a shelf as one in my entry and it's working really well.

I'm a new follower and really love your blog! :-)
I need those mirrors! The keys are so unique! Love.
Kendra said…
Wow, I would never have thought to use two mirrors, but it looks great!
autumn said…
i love the warmth that a collection can bring into a space. don't you wish you knew what all of those keys once opened?
Ambyr said…
This is a great idea. I just suggested to my sister, as she's looking to decorate her new place!
Such a great combo. Love! Thanks for sharing this new-to-me designer. Love her!
A charming display. I also am loving the twin mirrors. A change from the standard.
Suzy xxx
This looks incredible! I love how they took something like vintage keys and made it fit in as wall art..genius!
designchic said…
Vintage keys and double mirrors...so unique!!
Sanjana Roy said…
Appreciate this nice post here .
Robert Smith said…
NIce design. I love it so much. Thank you

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