book worm

Over Christmas my book collection grew (which I always love) however my space for these books has sadly grown sparse. However, I don't that would be a problem if I had these lovely book storage solutions.

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samantha ramage said…
AH! i love books! would love to know which you added to your collection :)! are you on goodreads? we should be friends!

Couture Carrie said…
Gorgeous libraries!

oh my goodness. the 2nd one is simply stunning!
Unknown said…
I love a huge display of pretty books;) I got a few new ones for Christmas too and can't wait to snuggle down and pour through them.
Kendra said…
I love bookcases, and books. I need to get mine in order though! This is why I resisted the reader's like Kinndel for long.
Anonymous said…
Books. Oh, how wonderful.
These are charming libraries.
Glamour Drops said…
One can never have enough books. They are like old friends - a bit worn around the edges, but only get better for it. Love both images - but something especially exciting about a library ladder. I have designed a few of them for clients, but would ADORE one of my own.
Unknown said…
I have always wanted a big old fashioned library with a ladder to get to the top shelf!
i was so thrilled to see my book collection grow a bit too but i have the same dilemma as you. i love to display them but there's so little space!
Love for the books... and love for the neatness... That's great idea to hide the books behind a beautiful drapery!
Thanks for that one! I saved it in my faves.
Edwina said…
Me too Josie. I've always dreamed of a library in my home with a loft and ladders. Can't see hiding my books behind drapery tho'. I'd much rather SEE them.
theappletea said…
really great idea for the book storage
Unknown said…
Oh my... I'm drooling over that 2nd photo. Oh to have a library ladder!
Peggy and Fritz said…
Gorgeous images...with all the Olive Branches...YUM...I'm an olive addict. As for the libraries. Love them all - there is something so appealing about a library. Love the images.
Love that first pic! The curtains frame the shelves so beautifully.
Eaty said…
Both of these photos are nice specially the second picture are more exceptional .
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