weekend retreat

Oh, Friday how I love you. I am looking forward to a restful weekend and dreaming of taking a getaway to a place like this. I love the rough textures, neutral palette and simplicity-- a perfect place to unwind.

(via vt wonen)


I'm dying over these photos.. Totally crushing! <3

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Unknown said…
gorgeous! have a very relaxing weekend xo
Gorgeous and rustic--reminds me of many of the wonderful buildings I visited in Provence!

This rustic atmosphere is tipical of some regions of South Italy (like Puglia or Sardegna). :)
What a gorgeous simplicity!
Debra said…
You always show the most striking and lovely images. Love your blog!!!
Jane Flanagan said…

Have a great weekend!
Anonymous said…
Oh thats simply beautiful.. You've got me dreaming as well now!!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!
I agree, beautiful earthy texture and lovely soft colour palette. I would love to spend a week unwinding here! I particularly like the informal dining areas.
Anonymous said…
I believe this is Provence...I've been there and it is exactly as depicted in the pic! it's really cosy and cute, I loved it! I've recognized it, because of the symbol standing in the kitchen, wich means "faith, love and charity".The french people of the south live under this "rule" as a way of fulfilling their lives as citizens. It is a beautifull way of thought, something I really admire...
You should go there sometime to feel the fresh air of this blessed land of olives! I recomend it!
Couture Carrie said…
Yes, indeed!
Gorgeous, especially the dining room!

Marian van Belzen said…
it seems like an old provance house in Belgium/France..
i almost can smeel the lavendel growing all around that place
staying at an old farmhouse is great..and cold.

xoxo from cold Holland,Amsterdam!
love your blog.
Global Atelier said…
Beautiful rustic room - wish I could find furniture like that!
Anonymous said…
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BODIE and FOU said…
Would like to spend hours in this house...
So nice !
Charlotta Ward said…
Simply amazing. What a divine location for family gatherings. You can tell a lot of laughter and happy memories live in those rugged walls. Fantastic find!

Thanks for sharing.

x Charlotta
Xiuxiu Su said…
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