room to wardrobe {navy + animal print}

I am typically not a fan of animal print in interiors, as it tends to make a space busier than it needs to be. However when I see it well done and in a playful and glamorous manner, like this space from Mary McDonald I am a little more open minded to the idea. I love the way she uses navy blue to add some classic flair to the leopard print.

The same principal is appealing to me when it comes to the wardrobe as well.

(via kate spade, oscar de la renta, calypso celle, oscar de la renta, prada and mulberry)


Love that room!. The clothes work well, love blue w/the animal tan...
A.Clark said…
LOVE THE ROOM! I would love to have that client that says "yes...lets do that animal print everywhere"! Daring and sophisticated!
Ambyr said…
This post is amazing! I love the picture frames on the animal print wall, looks so chic!
The scarf and earring are fabulous. Makes me get into the winter spirit even more.
Unknown said…
That's so funny- I just put that picture in my save files the other day too- it's amazing. I adore the outfit you put together- very chic! I LOVE the earrings!
Sloane said…
Love your collaboration of navy and leopard. So chic and sophisticated.
Wow, what a room! And I LOVE those earrings.
Couture Carrie said…
Fantastic room and look!
Loving those earrings!

Anonymous said…
Love leopard!

i want too many things in this post.
starting with the bugle beaded tassel earrings....
and the entire leopard room.

jschif said…
I recently came across your blog and I love your style!! This tank is so cute - where is it from??
Callie Grayson said…
adore that colour blue! and with animal print, stunning!!
kirsty said…
wow, the leopard room makes a lasting impression, love the blue too!
Ai Wu said…
It's a great decoration . Weldone man sharing this here .
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