the high life

Twenty vertical feet of windows is a pretty amazing feature on its own but add an amazingly patterned vaulted ceiling and you have the makings for one room that will keep your chin up.

(via chicago home and garden)


An Hermes cushion?
Be still my beating heart...
Big love.

Daniella said…
You always find the most interesting rooms! Beautiful! I love that pillow too :)
Unknown said…
So completely and utterly gorgeous! I feel like I have been saying that alot these days but that house really is spectacular-the huge black trimmed windows and barrlel ceiling are to die for!
ALR said…
Gorgeous! I love the open feel of the room.

Amy R.
autumn said…
what a beautiful space. you are right--those ceilings are amazing. and i love the punches of blue and orange.
I thoroughly adore that chandelier...Great space.
Callie Grayson said…
great find, that ceiling is amazing!! and I love the windows.
do you know how the ceiling was made? very lovely. i like the blue and white pottery accents in the room as well.
AppleTree said…
I like it better with the Hermes cushion instead of the pink ones. Those windows are amazing.
I love a good high ceiling. These are super fab rooms. Love the floor to ceiling windows, so much light!
god, the colors and the ceiling (how did they get that texture??))

great post!
Jessica said…
Is this from the most recent Chicago Home? I've worked in the building before and want to read the entire article. Thank you!
nelya said…
The ceiling and those amazing windows leave me breathless. Wow!
I love the first photo. The living room is so relaxing! I wish my living room will look as beautiful as that!
Unknown said…
Wow! Love those high ceilings and very intrigued by this magazine. Thanks for sharing!
The windows are breath taking. I wish! The photo composition is really amazing. The blue carries your eye through the whole frame. Amazing.

Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said…
Beautiful decor & natural light, perfect combination!!
It's fabulous! I love the industrial windows too!
Sometimes high ceilings can make the pieces in the room feel lost in the space (IMHO), but in the case of your photos the patterned ceiling and light fixture really punctuate the room. Love it!!!
Natalie said…
This is stunning! It sill looks warm and homey even though it's so open. And I want those windows in my house.
Claire Marie said…
Oh, gorgeous photos. Gorgeous house!

Claire Marie
this is such a amazing space.
i love it.
i would kill for those windows,
and that ceiling!

happy halloween xx
Lee P'an said…
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Robert Smith said…
This is so beautiful. Loving these white beautiful designs
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