barstool envy

I have to admit that I have a secret desire to be a food network host. I love entertaining and cooking under the observation of friends, while hopefully carrying on an enjoyable conversation. However, I do wish I could seat my guests at the bar overlooking the stove top in these lovely chairs and under such unique lighting.

(via redmond aldrich and amanda nisbet)


Yes! Stunning. Of course when you have kids you have to consider them in barstools too...
Gorgeous stools, but I can't take my eyes off the lamp shades in the second image - stunning!
I'm in love with the light fixtures in the second photo. really gorgeous...and don't worry, i think we all secretly hope we could be food hosts. :)

Bre @
Linea R said…
woww the chairs is great!!!
Julie Holloway said…
Those lucite stools are killing me! You should try out--you can pair style with cooking and entertaining. I'd watch :)
designchic said…
I love a kitchen island for this very reason...functional AND you get to pick fabulous stools!
Manu said…
Uffff, love the light fixtures in the 2nd picture too!
Michelle said…
Oy, I think I have pendant envy!
Couture Carrie said…
Love these kitchens!

Design Elements said…
wow...the chairs...awesome
Anonymous said…
I have barstool AND lighting envy from these rooms!
I want the light fixture in that second image.
taylor said…
LOVE LOVE these images!!
Great post! So happy I stumbled upon
your blog!! : )

Can't decide which is better the drum shades or those acrylic chairs- wonder if they have brakes! Great blog!
Jiang Li Niu said…
The last one looks more nice , man .
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