home crush {washed in lilac}

I just love the faded palette of this home. The soft touches of lilac perfectly warm up the cool grays and neutral tones creating elegant and serene spaces. Puts me in the mood for a mellow and relaxing weekend!

(via interiores magazine)


Katie said…
Gorgeous....those pictures are so soothing! It makes me want to curl up and read a book or snuggle!!! I love how open the living room is...It definitly bring the outside in and makes me feel like I am in a field of lilacs!

omg this color palette is like heaven! have a fab weekend darling! xo
Sara Cate said…
For some reason, I love that dining table paired with lilac. In itching to do a chic lilac a mirrored bathroom. Unfortunately, I don't have one to decorate!
cailen ascher said…
loving the pops of violet! totally chic : )
The home looks amazing with the hints of lilac over the warm gray and neutral palette! The place is very calm and relaxing...it lets me feel enlightened!!
Yes yes yes. I've totally been oogling over soft lilac lately.. I'm eager to use it in my next project!

niartist said…
Gorgeous - very John Saladino. Thanks for introduction to this mag ... I've never seen it before! Hope you'll stop by my blog when you have time! :) Maybe share a vignette or two on fridays! :) Take care, Artie
AppleTree said…
When I read lilac I thought I would hate, but this changed my mind.
Couture Carrie said…
So gorgeous!
Especially loving the dining room chairs!

Ann said…
Love the walls and window treatments.
Nice post.
Hum... I smell lavender in the air! I LOVE everything about those rooms... I agree with you Blair_the soft palette puts you in a relaxing mood...
Fer said…
Very chic, how funny I have this square black table but mine is outside..It looks gorgeous with the purple chair!!
Fashion Today said…
This would make an amazing location for a fashion story! Looks majestic!
Unknown said…
Not enough purple! more more more!
Doug Davis said…
I agree with @niatrist, VERY Saladino
gary pools said…
I am not sure I am bold enough to go for lilac. It seems very original at first glance - but will it stay so? I'm afraid eventually this color combination can be rather wearisome.
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Xiuxiu Su said…
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Robert Smith said…
Really so beautiful. The color combination was absolutely fantastic.

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