event inspiration {autumn affair}

I keep hearing that wedding season is now over. I have to disagree, as I adore fall weddings. There is a glamour and richness of autumn colors incorporated in to an event that no other season can compare to. I especially love the use of ocher as one of the base colors in fall event palettes.


fall weddings are great! i love that dress, that color is gorgeous!
I also adore the special romance of fall weddings, too. All the better that my newly-engaged best friend just chose next october as your wedding date. I can't wait to see what deep, autumnal colors she comes up with for her and her sweetie's special day.
christina said…
true, true. i've been working with a lot of fall brides this year. And my sister got married in October...it was the most gorgeous wedding I've ever been to.

Love the inspiration board. Stunning!
Kat said…
I love autumn for weddings, nice after the summer to have such an event, seems more special and I love Autumn colors the best!

I'm delighted to discover your blog!

And, yes, fall is a great time for a wedding - esp. with a perfectly autumnal scheme such as the one you have demonstrated here. Those straws are great fun!
Appletree said…
I forget that I love that color
Lissa Pierce said…
I totally agree!!!! I was married on November 1st and we used copper/rust colors mixed with creams and whites. Tons of candles too! I loved it and it was very fall and warm.
Michelle said…
I agree! I got married in the fall, and it was bliss bliss bliss!
Jill GG said…
gorgeous! my husband and I had a fall wedding... so of course I am a fan!
Nadia said…

My husband and I had a fall wedding as well, and it was lovely!


Courtney said…
Never has burnt orange looked so glamorous then in that j. mendel dress. I love that tablescape, too!
Maureen Stevens said…
these vignettes are to die for! and no, weddings are not over...Fall weddings are one of my favorites too!
I agree. I love Fall Weddings. We were pushing for a Fall wedding, but due to schedules of everyone involved it got pushed back to Jan and it was just as fun.

Great to get a way to a nice sunny spot for our honeymoon while everyone was braving winter in NY.
shoppingqueen said…
Wahzat Gayle said…
have I mentioned to you before... I LOVE ORANGE This looks awesome!
Beth said…
Fall weddings are so beautiful! I like this collection of images for this inspiration board!
Inspiring photo captured .
Robert Smith said…
These photos are really so beautiful. Appreciate your sharing. Thanks

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