eye candy {magnolias + pom poms}

Bedrooms are such personal spaces. I love how they can reflect the dweller's personality shamelessly, as they are designed as a private escape and not for public consumption. I tend to not have girl style in most of my home but enter my bedroom and floral patterns and frills abound, which is why I just adore this magnolia and pom pom laden bedroom.


Callie Grayson said…
Love magnolias (the trees are amazing!! my favorite!) and i adore pom poms! both together=lovely!!

Julie Holloway said…
lovely....very girly and anthropologie-y!
Shannon Fricke said…
what a lovely room to come home to!
Couture Carrie said…
Love that yellow chair!

paula said…
loving the little chair.
oh wow! Those soft yellows and blues are really inspiring me!
Michelle said…
your blog is so cute...i must start following!
MrJeffery said…
love the pom poms :)
Susan said…
Do you know the name of the fabric - it is lovely.
Thanks for sharing.
sweet and feminine interiors :)
This is stunning! In such a serene, understated, sweet way. LOVE it!
Cathy said…
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