eye candy {bathed in light}

After coming home from work last night to rain and dark storm clouds I am overjoyed to once again have sun streaming through my home. Amazing how a little bright light can instantly brighten my mood. However, it does make all the dog hair on my floor show, but oh well! Now if only this was where I was currently blogging by day light...

(lisa bowles via 1st dibs)


Callie Grayson said…
lovely light!
I to love to wake up to the sunshine:0 makes me quite happy!!

Anna Liesemeyer said…
HEavenly! So fresh and open!
I love light, bright interiors. I also love bright exteriors (I finally made a post about the crazy victorian house I live in, I think you'd like it) :)
Leigha said…
What a gorgeous space. Oh, daylight - the best design trick!
courtney said…
i was trying to explain to my sister about the way she should decorate her back patio/deck on her new house, and the only thing i could think about when it came to describing the aesthetic was your blog. and so i directed her here to poke around. :)

just thought you might like to know that. have a great day blair!
Elise Lowerison said…
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Agreed...light and bright definetly lifts my spirits!
The power of sunlight through steel-framed windows! Magic! Sunlight streaming into rooms instantly creates a sense of "well, life is pretty good!"
Priscila Peters said…
That picture on the wall(second image)is beautiful. I love the plants on the table, too.
I like the living room decor, simple and chic.
I am in love with that kitchen...it is so open and airy. You have so many beautiful photos on your blog :)
Katie Zeliger said…
Could you tell me the source for the pretty bar chairs in the kitchen?
Thanks so much.
heidi said…
agree the bar chairs are good. what about that dog, it looks very pleased with it's sofa spot. and who can blaim it.
wow just wow! Love everything about! Fantastic, thanks for posting.
Kaira Klueber said…
love that table in the kitchen!

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