closet lust {color + zig zags}

No, I have not deserted delight by design. I have had a beyond crazy week preparing for an event that will be attended by over 500 people tomorrow evening. Thankfully everything is falling in to place, I may be jinxing myself by saying that! After a week of chaos I am finally thinking about the minor things like "what should I wear?" I wish that my closet was as pleasant and fun as this one to be asking such questions...

(via canadian house and home)
Will return to normal scheduled programming on Monday!


Wahzat Gayle said…
Hoping the event went of with out a hitch.
wish I had this dressing space for sure !
I am so jealous of this closet!
PS~Erin said…
Oh, I hear you! Will be standing by :-)
Every girl's dream! What a comfortable space. Hope your event goes well and you get some rest next week! Major work!
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous mirror and couch. So happy the event went off without a hitch! have a fabulous week.
that otami fabric really dresses up a simple white sofa!
Unknown said…
ok wait. that's a *closet*?!

jealous. jealous. jealous.

hope your event rocked! (what kind of event was it?)
Unknown said…
Way to come back with a bang! What a room — and a closet at that! So happy to have your blog back in regular reading rotation :) Yay for your stressful event being over and done with!
Courtney said…
How did the event go? How exciting.

I fell in love with this closet/guest room in Canadian H&H... I need that carpet!

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