calm, cool and collected

...that is what I am trying to be this morning as I fly home to Chicago. However, I fear I will not be so I will just let these rooms do that for me.

(rooms via vt wonen and skona hem)


Michelle said…
I dont' like flying either. Just project yourself in that room, sooo pretty!
samantha ramage said…
good luck to you on your flight!!

oh I hate flying too! but love being a tourist. that sounds a bit contradictory, doesn't it? maybe some day they will invent a magic transportation system? xo
Kat said…
I love that first room, so simple and relaxing. Have a good flight.
Laura Marie said…
I live in Chicago and laughed aloud at this... something about Chicago airports is just not-so-calm, isn't it? But these pictures sure are lovely! Thanks for sharing :)
MrJeffery said…
white paint can go a long way. lovely rooms.
Anonymous said…
*sigh* they do look gorgeous.. white / creme has the calm, serene, composed kind of effect.. Lovely!!
Couture Carrie said…
Gorgeous spaces, as usual, darling B!
Safe travels!

Allison Shops said…
I hope you had a nice flight. Always good to think of a nice place to help relax.

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Unknown said…
That kitchen is d-vine!
Edlyn said…
love love love. Old meets new always gets me at the heart :)
paula said…
these are truly stunning.
Cathy said…
Weldone captured these photography . Remove White Background

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