soothing symmetry

There is something soothing about the order that comes from symmetrical rooms. It is a very appealing and chaos free look. I especially love the cozy feeling that comes from just a few items (a piece of artwork, shelf styling of chair style) are not the exactly mirror images of each other.
(via david tsay and carrier and company)


Geb said…
I'm definitely a fan of symmetry. I just love the balance and simplicity of it all.
Lauren said…
I love all your finds! They are all so inspiring, but I was wondering, could you post about a study-inspired residential space, or even apartment?

My dream living space has single shelves randomly placed in most of the rooms-all my beautiful books nicely scattered throughout. There is a focus on comfort blended with small sophisticated touches.

Just some ideas...have you seen anything like this that could give me some visual help?

I agree, both images are soothing. I love the 2nd one.
Couture Carrie said…
I love symmetrical spaces too!
These are gorgeous!

Wahzat Gayle said…
you are so right!
loving the painting and how the orange flowers work so well together in the top image!
123Dview said…
Smartly designed, simple yet stylish and all in all gorgeous! Thanks for posting this! Check out also samples of our 3D Rendering work
Love the colour scheme in the 2nd pic. So elegant.
The first image is so amazing. I love that there is symmetry in both shape and color. The red chairs are not symmetrical in shape, but the colors are so close that your eye sees them as being the same! Got to love smart design! Thanks for the constant lovely posts!
Maria Johns said…
I love both of these images of symmetry with small touches of asymmetry!! perfection
christina said…
Blair, gee whiz. I don't even want to guess how long it's been since I last left you a comment. Just popping in to say hi and that I still heart you and your blog. :)

Alexandra Rae said…
I agree with Maria, symmetry with small touches of asymmetry. Like mismatch nightstands with identical lamps. I love both these images! BTW Blair I just shared some of your images on my latest post. XO
I find myself gravitating toward symmetry more as an adult than I used to.. it is so balanced and -you nailed it- chaos free..

Love both the space you posted!

oh so pretty. you have got to love some good symmetry. you are right....its soothing to the soul. :)
Ava Rosa said…
Yes, I wholeheartedly agree, the symmetry is indeed zen...
Lovely rooms. Both have a feeling of Carrie & Big's apartment in SATC2.
MMD said…
Love the neutral palette with splashes of olive: very tailored and sophisticated!
Unknown said…
I love the simplicity of these rooms! The perfect look I'm after in my house.
Erin said…
So simple decoration but looks gorgeous such design is my choice .

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