playing catch up

Wow, what an absolutely incredible but exhausting long weekend full of camping, great friends, fireworks, an amazing concert and two white water trips. It has left me with a long to do list to catch up on today but really love to just curl up with a good book on this swinging bench

(via marie claire maison)
Be back later after a few cups of coffee!


Just a quick note to wish you a wonderful day!
Glad to hear you had a great weekend!
Anonymous said…
A swinging.. bench.. wow!! wow!! thats simply awesome! I could sit there for a while as well..
Christina said…
i feel like i've been running around with my head cut off all day. i love three day weekends but getting back into the swing of things is tricky!
It's amazing how a long weekend makes you exhausted. I was the same way.
Michelle said…
I would love love love to have one of those! It would be the perfect way to relax!
Li Ming She said…
This place is just awesome and peaceful .

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