bold color + calming neutrals

Two of my absolutely favorite things perfectly blended in this stunning home by Kay Douglass, as featured in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles. The use of just one bold color against a neutral backdrop makes a huge impact and instantly adds energy to a home.

If you could choose one color for your home--what would it be?


I love bright pops of color. My color would be gray definitely.
oh so difficult to choose. I love white with pops of bold colors. but some days I love purple. others green. I actually love pink but won't be fair for the boys at home! xo
What a beautiful HOME! Just the right amount of color to where it still feels very neutral!
Yahnay said…
Lovely serene spaces. Very refreshing.
Andrea Reh said…
After looking at these pictures, I would definitely consider terracotta! My other pick for one colour would be green - it's so versatile.

Andrea x
Anonymous said…
Well, I don't think that I would be able to choose one; I would use two. There are warm and cool rooms in most houses, including mine, so I would use a pale yellow in the cool rooms with possible pops of orange/coral, and then bright oranges in the warm rooms.

Very impressive!
Thanks for your presentation and I appreciate that!
Keep up your good work. I will come here regularly for news.
BALLUX said…
Very impressive!
Thanks for your presentation and I appreciate that!
Keep up your good work. I will come here regularly for news.
Anonymous said…
I completely agree with you. If I could only have one color, it woudl probably be white. with blue or green as a statement color. This hermes orange is pretty fabulous too!
Christina said…
if i could only have one color, i think it would be aqua (or seafoam). i'm assuming white would already be there :)
Splenderosa said…
This is a fab home with the high ceilings & open green areas. Hermes orange? Well, in Texas we call it Burnt Orange for the Univ. of Texas Longhorns football team. :) And, since I'm alone now probably hot pink. xx's
Jen said…
White + Orange = my all time favorite color combination!!
Wahzat Gayle said…
This !!! I love orange!
loving it

Hope you are having a great July4
Lissa Pierce said…
I love a neutral backdrop with pops of color. My pop right now is this exact terracotta orange. Although I don't have that crisp white background...I wish I did though, it makes it look so fresh.
I L.O.V.E this house!!!
White is my color (is it a color?), but I have such a crush on Orange.... In my private digs I tend to steer closer towards a dark turq. almost teal, but then not teal at all... difficult to explain ;)

Northern Light
MMD said…
Orange is amazing when paired with white and black - really lovely against the unstained wood pieces!
Each decorations are attractive .
Robert Smith said…
Well decorated bedrooms. Absolutely mind-blowing.

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