home crush {clean slate}

One of my friends is renovating her home and I went over today to check it out. Currently all the walls are white (although not all will stay that way) and it reminded me how much I love that fresh clean slate feeling. As this home shows, even with simple and muted accessories the look is nothing close to boring

(via nuevo estilo--surprise, surprise!)
Also, thank you so much to everyone for "liking" the new delight by design page on facebook!


La Boheme said…
White is always so soothing and yet flexible enough to provide background for any personality. Wonderful photos!
I love that clean feeling too Blair. Love the last shot.
Love everything about this... I might want to use the first picture for inspiration when I redo my dining area!
Julie Holloway said…
Love that little canopy in the third image. So inspiring! I have never seen one like this. Beautiful post, as always.
The mirror in the bedroom is gorgeous. And that sink? Yes, please. Thanks for reminding us that simple is always beautiful!
I love these! I read an interview with Brad Ford yesterday and something he said really resonated. Referring to muted tones in a room, he said, "sometimes a whisper is more powerful than a shout."
And I could agree more!
LC said…
BFF: I only "liked" it because there wasn't a "love" button. :) Congrats! xoxo
Trina Y. said…
all my furniture is dark and huge, i wouldn't even know where to start to get this feel! I lllllooooovvvve it!
those top pendants are gorgeous!!
Wahzat Gayle said…
the bedroom is so calm I love it
Life,Styled said…
Oh my - gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Love all the white and clean lines. Something so calming about these rooms! Love.

D e g a i n e said…
love it. so blissful and such positive energy

D e g a i n e

Couture Carrie said…
So gorgeous!
Love that bedroom!

Splenderosa said…
Beautiful post. Love it. xx's
Jennie Bee said…
Definatly Crushing too Cute Cute!
The Beso Team said…
The bedroom and bathroom are incredible. I love that it gives a lively feeling because of the open space and the sunlight the room receives. Is your friend an interior decorator? If not, she should be because she has impeccable taste, to say the least.
The Beso Team
El said…
Love the crisp white bedroom.
heidi said…
I like the sink in what looks like an older table, that really works, and the tiles above teh kitchen sink. Just a really neat simple bit of added interest
Hannah said…
What a breathtaking bedroom! It's so airy and light ... love it.
Apt. #34 said…
when can i move in?!
Surovi Begum said…
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