feminine + formal

Yesterday I was pushing my design comfort zone in a masculine and moody direction. Today I decided to push the other end of the spectrum with this lovely feminine and formal home. Again, not exactly my personal style but I think it is always important to explore and appreciate different ones.

(images scanned from April issue of House and Garden)
Would love to have woken up to those sweet peas by my bedside instead of the snow falling from the sky.


Kathysue said…
I like a mix of the feminine and the masculine. Great pictures to represent the girly side. Love it!! Kathysue
not my personal style either... love the chandelier and the flowers but would have to be mixed with some masculine details. have a nice day!
Daniella said…
This is so pretty! Wow!
Wahzat Gayle said…
Hmmm all sweet.. not me.
It's snowing by you?! Oh no
Well keep warm.
Wahzat Gayle said…
Oh me again actually I do like that flowery pink sofa LOL
Callie Grayson said…
oh no! we can 't have snow, it's spring for goodness sake!!
Elyssa Blaire said…
So pretty!
I never thought I would like a pink couch, but I must say, its sooo pretty! Love it!

Sabrina said…
Creative decoration specially the last interior space and it's sofa are more nice .

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