dream living {brownstone beauty}

I have a long checklist for my perfect home . The dwelling of Caleo and Fitzhugh Karo pretty much ticks off everything of the list! Starting with the big (that it is a charming brownstone and has perfect shelving) all the way down to the minute (succulents over a farmhouse sink + library ladder) and everything in between (wide white plank floors combined with natural wood pieces).

(via new york magazine and photographed by the selby)
Do you have a checklist? Have you found a home that's architecture and interior design comes close?


A Merry Mishap said…
I definitely have a checklist but it's probably too long to match. I've found 1 that comes sort of close but still quite a bit different than what I have in my head!
Totally agree on this one...the soaring ceilings, white+wood palette, & big windows make this the kind of house I dream of waking up to each morning.
Loving all of the different shapes and textures... Now if only I could add some color to this and I'd be the happiest camper there is!
oh wow, that kitchen table is amazing. i too am really liking the white + wood combination. so fresh and simple.
red ticking said…
this is incredible... so calming and gorgeous... xx pam
Taylor Sterling said…
I would def. love to live in that kitchen! What an amazing space!
i love your checklist and this home! that first space always makes me smile.
What a beautiful home - I think that, like you Blair, this home probably best epitomises everything I would want in my dream home. I am particularly fond of the library ladder!


lighting said…
Wow, I love it all. The bed, the bar stools, everything. Great spaces.
KristenB said…
Every time I see a post like this it brings out my inner conflict of colorful v. neutral and white. I love both! It makes it very hard for a girl to decide on a design. =)
gorgeous images, i love that wooden table in the first pic.
Jeny said…
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