color crush {lemon + lime}

I have found myself using citrus more than ever these days in my cooking. Lemon and lime are the perfect seasonal flavor. Their color adds the same fresh touch to a home or ensemble as the flavor does a dish.

(via celerie kemble, anson smart, nicole farhi, and madeline stuart)


All of your posts are amazing, but this one is especially beautiful. thank you for sharing. xoxo , shannon
I am suspicious to leave a message about this post... because i LOVE yellow! The color yellow here produced "water in my mouth"!

This gave me an idea: I would like to eat lemon-tart now... :-) hum...
Kathysue said…
Love this combination and these images display it beautifully. I have been noticing that great citron green with gray and it looks amazing together. kathysue
Splendid Willow said…
Hard to be sour and cranky in these rooms!

I just noticed the yellow (seagrass?) wall covering to the left in the first image. Beautiful.

ox, Monika
Gypsy Purple said…
This is such a lovely post!!!!!
LOVE that bedroom! So bright and cheery. Even just a bowl fun of lemons and/or limes in the kitchen, brightens the room up so much. They're actually on my tablecloth fabric right now! :)
so fresh and summery... makes me want homemade lemonade and key lime pie!
Haven and Home said…
How fun are the lights in that first picture?
Loving your lovely lemon post! Glad I found your blog. Please visit mine and sign up for my giveaway!!
Chic Coles said…
Now that summer is on its way, I love using citrus in my foods too. These images are so refreshing!
Nicole Marie said…
i love love that bench at the kitchen table
love the lemon and line combo. fantastic! it's so fresh and springy. how could you not feel cheered up in one of these spaces?
Design Actually said…
I always love these colors together, so refreshing! The light fixture in the top photo is so funky & unique!
Diana said…
Brilliant job . I appreciate your job .

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