happy {rosy} weekend

The past few days I have been repeating to myself "April showers bring May flowers" and I am definitely ready for the latter part of that saying to come true. I just can't wait to fill my home fresh cut flowers.

(images via polly eltes)


I am also ready for the flowers to bloom & the sun to come out!
oh yes, that bathroom is so dreamy!
have a great weekend, Blair!
love that bathroom!! so pretty!
Anonymous said…
This bathroom is so fantastic that I am trying to keep from envying its owner. Woops. Too late.
Kathysue said…
Oooh! so many lovelies. I planted flowers a couple of weeks ago, After the rain they are all so perky so it is a good thing. I like a couple of days of rain and a couple of days of sunshine. I guess I like a little varitey and it seems as if my flowers do also. Happy Spring to you and thankyou for these lovely images, amazing, Kathysue
My Dream Canvas said…
flowers in bloom..there is nothing quite like it. Lovely post.
Romantic Pansy said…
I really love your blog, its amazing!!!

i am doing a raffle in my blog! i hope you like my lady-brooches! :D you only have to leave a comment and if you win i will send you the brooch! take part of the raffle if you want! Thank you!

Flowerdiva said…
Keep enjoying fresh flowers!

Lovely blog!

Your bathroom inspires me to go clean mine....

Jodi Duncan
Courtney said…
Every time I see one, I just lust over claw footed tubs. Gorgeous!

I hope your weekend was lovely, Blair.
Anonymous said…
Flowers in the bathroom's just a pleasure sight.

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Pearl said…
Romantic Tubs!
Love it!

Shelina said…
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Robert Smith said…
I appreciate your work, thanks for all the great blog posts.

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